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The 2021 Annual Cooks Corn Roast is scheduled for August 22, 2021!

Corn Roast Crowd

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Corn Roast this summer! We will be adhearing to Health Department guidelines to make the event safe and fun for all.

See you there!

The 2019 Annual Cooks Corn Roast was held on Sunday, August 18, 2019.

Thanks for supporting the
Inwood Township Volunteer Fire Department!!

Corn Roast 2019 Thank You!

The Corn Roast & Raffle are the major fund raisers for the
Inwood Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Thank You to everyone who donated to the 2019 Cooks Corn Roast .. we can't thank you enough. The donations for the auction were fabulous, and to every person who came out ... you will never know how grateful we are!

Fun you could have had!
Fun you could have had...

Welcome to the Cooks Corn Roast!
Welcome to the Cooks Corn Roast!

Some great grilled chicken!
Some great grilled chicken ...

... and all the roasted corn you can eat!
... and all the corn you can eat!

A special thanks to all of the volunteers who make this event possible!!!

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  Brad Benard   

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