Inwood Township

   Inwood Township Meeting Minutes

     For December 21, 2022, submitted on January 18, 2023


Meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Supervisor Kelly Silkworth.

Board members present: Bonnie Elliott, Bryan Landis, Sherry Boudreau, Robin Double, Kelly Silkworth

Acceptance of previous meeting minutes from November. Motion B. Elliott, Support B. Landis AIF M/C

Acceptance of financial report as presented by Treasurer Sherry Boudreau. Motion K. Silkworth, Support B. Landis AIF M/C

Public Comment

Old Business

ARPA Funds- No estimates on an air infiltration system for the furnace at the Town Hall yet

Towel and hand soap dispensers from Fastenal;

Ordering 3 Soap dispensers, $65 each

Ordering 3 towel dispensers $45 each

Ordering 6 rolls of paper, $16.50 each

Ordering 3 hand soap refills $30 (2 per box)

Motion K. Silkworth, Support R. Double AIF M/C

Snow Plowing Bids for 2022-2023 season

Desjarden Excavating: Firehall is $60 per plow and Township Hall is $100 per plow

Motion K. Silkworth, Support R. Double AIF M/C

Assessor-3 ordinances and fee schedule to review:


2.     LAND DIVISION ORDINANCE Fee: $150, $30 for every additional parcel created



New Business

Township Hall; getting ideas on a solution for the current sink divider leak problem and an estimate for installing ceiling fans.

Internet cap; Township will pay up to $40 per month for half of the internet for Supervisor, treasurer, Clerk, EMS President and Fire Chief. Motion K. Silkworth, Support B. Elliott AIF M/C


No fire calls and nothing much happened at the hall. Tanker 361 was originally thought to have a bad starter but after further inspection it appears the ignition is bad. So that is ordered I will update you all when it’s fixed. The tanks in the brush truck and the side by side are all drained and winterized and that’s about it. Looking forward to the January meeting and having a couple board members there. That starts at 7pm on January 22nd.


From November 16th till December 20th

We were paged out on four calls.

3 sick person calls and 1 pregnancy call which we were cancelled before getting to the hall


Public comment

Payment of Outstanding Bills

Township deposits in the amount of $6,445.49 Payments in the amount of $8,436.60

Motion B. Landis, Support B. Elliott AIF M/C

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:18pm was made by K. Silkworth, Support B. Elliott AIF M/C

Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township Hall were: Jan Carley


Submitted by Robin Double, Inwood Township Clerk                     
Approved January 18, 2022