Inwood Township

   Inwood Township Meeting Minutes

For July 20, 2022, submitted on August 17, 2022 

Meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Supervisor Kelly Silkworth.

Board members present: Bonnie Elliott, Bryan Landis, Sherry Boudreau, Robin Double, Kelly Silkworth

Acceptance of previous meeting minutes from May & June. Motion B. Elliott, Support S. Boudreau AIF M/C 

Acceptance of financial report as presented by Treasurer Sherry Boudreau. Motion K. Silkworth, Support B. Elliott AIF M/C

Public Comment

Old Business 

New Business

Internet reimbursements. tabled


No monthly report 


Entered into a 2022-2023 Propane Price Control Contract with UP Propane. Choose Option #1 with a fixed price of $2.199 through April 30, 2023 - 1,500 gallons for the Township Hall and 2,500 gallons for the Fire Department Hall for a total of $8,796.00. If the price should drop below $2.199 during this time, the township will receive the lower price. 

The township's bi-annual audit was done June 23, 2022 by Campbell Auditing from Bay City, MI at the township hall. They informed us that the Volunteer Fire Department should not be using the word "Department" when selling raffle tickets or in their checkbook.  They should be using "Inwood Township Volunteer Fire" and/or "Inwood Township Volunteer EMS". Also, the letter we received from Tri County Fire Department asking for help with costs should remove "donation" from their letter, we are not allowed to donate, we can only pay for services provided. 

The Fire Department, EMS Division received $460.00 from various donors in memorial contributions in Gary "Butch" DesJarden's name.

Payment of Outstanding Bills

Township deposits in the amount of $50,413.87, payments in the amount of $25,126.73.

Motion B. Landis, Support R. Double AIF M/C 

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:04pm was made by B. Landis, Support R. Double AIF M/C 

Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township hall were: Jean Vanderville, Jan Carley 

Submitted by Robin Double, Inwood Township Clerk                      Approved August 17, 2022