Inwood Township

   Inwood Township Meeting Minutes

For June 15, 2022, submitted on July 20, 2022

Meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Supervisor Kelly Silkworth.

Board members present: Bonnie Elliott, Bryan Landis, Sherry Boudreau, Robin Double, Kelly Silkworth

Acceptance of previous meeting minutes from May. Need corrections

Acceptance of financial report as presented by Treasurer Sherry Boudreau. Motion B. Landis, Support B. Elliott AIF M/C

Public Comment

Old Business 

New Business

Inwood Township to file small claims paper work against Thomas Kitzman for $3,000. Tom was sent a certified letter asking for the paper assessor cards and he did not return the assessor cards in a timely matter. Motion K. Silkworth, Support B. Landis AIF M/C 

Assessors Contract-Dylan Jurasin, current assessor in now insured as Superior LLC. Looking to raise the price from $13 to $15.75 per parcel. (1112 parcels currently). 2-year contract starting June 15, 2022, expiring June 15, 2024. This will increase the monthly rate from $1191.67 to $1,459.50 per month. Motion B Elliott, Support B. Landis AIF M/C  

IRS Rate for mileage is increasing as of July 1, 2022 to 62.5, this rate will be in effect until December 31, 2022 

Redistricting- every 10 years, the state re-assesses district and precinct lines according to the census. Currently Inwood Township has 592 registered voters. Schoolcraft County was affected and has to send new voter cards to all residents. Cost for Spectrum Printers is $187.50 for a one-time fee, $.25 per card and $.33 per stamp. Approximate cost for printing and mailing is $419.50. Motion B. Elliott, Support B. Landis AIF M/C 

Need a Dymo 450 printer to print labels for absentee ballots off of the Qualified Voter File. Find the cheapest price for printer, labels and ink. Motion K. Silkworth, Support S. Boudreau AIF M/C 

Cemetery, have Erie Demars uncover the ground markers- tabled 


Asking to provide a monthly report providing ambulance/fire runs etc. 


Public Comment

Payment of Outstanding Bills

Township deposits in the amount of $17,766.02, payments in the amount of $12,501.69. Transferred $175,000 from the general fund checking account to a CD. Balance of $229,929.22.  Motion K. Silkworth, Support R. Double AIF M/C 

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:01pm was made by K. Silkworth, Support R. Double AIF M/C 

Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township hall were: Gary and Barb Woods and Dylan Jurasin

Submitted by Robin Double, Inwood Township Clerk                      Approved July 20, 2022