Inwood Township

   Inwood Township Meeting Minutes

For September 15th, 2021, submitted on October 20th, 2021


Meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Supervisor Kelly Silkworth.

Board members present: Bonnie Elliott, Bryan Landis, Kelly Silkworth, Sherry Boudreau, Robin Double

Acceptance of previous meeting minutes from August as presented by Clerk Robin Double. Amended

Acceptance of financial report as presented by Treasurer Sherry Boudreau. Motion B. Landis, Support B. Elliott AIF M/C 

Public Comment

Arnold Parrish spoke to board about wanting to be buried in his grandmother’s burial plot, she is buried in a plot with 7 spaces remaining, she was buried in 1923. He was advised to petition the court to be buried in the plot.

Old Business

ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act)- No new news

Finished F65

New Business

Hall agreement changes- Add Event description and add Insurance rider received. Motion B. Landis, Support S. Boudreau AIF M/C

Dylan Jurasin report-AMAR review moving in right direction, done what we have needed to do so far. Camryn is going to stay on to help for a year but not charge any more. Motion to send the acceptance letter from Dylan to Lansing. Motion B. Landis, Support R. Double AIF M/C 


Pay Ambulance bill for 3,254.73 to Bayview, possible injector issue to not being run enough.

Fire run to downed electrical lines.

Profited over $43,000 for the Corn Roast.

Ambulance applying for transport license.

State inspection for ambulance came back good.

Need internet for fire hall, will use township hall internet for the time being. 


Public Comment 

Payment of Outstanding Bills

Township deposits in the amount of $16,653.68, payments in the amount of $9,756.82 Motion B. Landis, Support S. Boudreau, AIF M/C 

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 pm was made by B. Landis, Support R. Double, AIF M/C 

Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township hall were: Ryan Knoph, Barb Foor, Becky Knoph, Walt Thompson, Arnold Parrish, Jan Carley, Dillion Jurasin, Camryn Fuss


Submitted by Robin Double, Inwood Township Clerk                     
Approved on October 20, 2021