Inwood Township

Inwood Township Board Meeting Minutes

    Inwood Township Meeting Minutes   
   For March 18th 2020, submitted on April 15, 2020

Pledge of allegiance was said

Meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Supervisor Kelly Silkworth.

Board members present:  Kelly Silkworth, Bonnie Elliott, Bryan Landis, Cindy Watchorn and Robin Double.

Acceptance of previous meeting minutes from January and February as presented by Clerk Robin Double. Motion B. Landis, Support B. Elliott AIF M/C

Acceptance of financial report as presented by Treasurer Cindy Watchorn. Motion B. Landis, Support B. Elliott AIF M/C

Old Business

No Old Business

New Business

-Approving the 2020/2021 budget for Inwood Township. Budgeted 270,000. Motion Cindy Watchorn, Support Bryan Landis AIF M/C.

-Approve Maintenance person to check on hall as needed. $15 an hour to Erie Demars.

-Cancel month of April for hall rentals due to Covid-19 governors orders, Motion Cindy Watchorn, Support Bryan Landis AIF M/C

-Approve getting new Assessor due to many public complaints during the Board of review. We pay 11.85 per parcel now, new rate would be around 13.00 per parcel. We will advertise through mass e-mail strictly for assessors.  Tom Kitzman will be employed until May 1st, 2020.   Motion Bryan Landis, Support Cindy Watchorn AIF M/C

-Amend budget for cost of Mintonye Rd in the amount of $65,000. Motion Bonnie Elliott, Support Kelly Silkworth AIF M/F

Amend budget for new Fire Tanker for $109,770.00. Motion Bonnie Elliott, Support Bryan Landis AIF M/C


FD-no fires, picking up the new tanker on Friday. Need to replace doors on fire hall, 3 doors with hardware. Approve up to $1,000 for doors from Menards. Motion Kelly Silkworth, Support Bryan Landis AIF M/C


Tri County Fire Department is asking for their annual $2,000 to support their Services. Motion Bryan Landis, Support Robin Double AIF M/C

Public Comment


Payment of Outstanding Bills

Payments made in the amount of $174,682.43 and deposits in the amount of $119,564.71 Motion B. Landis, Support C. Watchorn, AIF M/C

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:44 pm was made by Cindy Watchorn, support B. Landis AIF M/C

Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township hall were: Pat & Jan Carley, Loren and Cindy Swayer.


Submitted by Robin Double Inwood Township Clerk      Approved on April 15, 2020