Inwood Township

Inwood Township Meeting Minutes

For July 17, 2019 submitted on August 21, 2019

Pledge of allegiance was said

Meeting was called to order at 7:01 P.M. by Supervisor Kelly Silkworth.

Board members present:  Cindy Watchorn, Bonnie Elliott, Bryan Landis, Kelly Silkworth, and Deputy Kelli Stapleton.

Kelly Silkworth asked for Acceptance of previous meeting minutes presented by Deputy Clerk Kelli Stapleton written by previous Clerk Sara Roberts. Bonnie Elliot says there are discrepancies. Bonnie Elliotts last name should have two letter T’s, old business opening floor on agenda items and Pat Carley spoke about marijuana but there wasn’t any more information, Lisa Slavinski played a clip from barking dogs, lack of comments are missing. Jim Hardy asked questions but not answered on the minutes, under new business of fire truck, Fire Department will have to add more options to the truck to meet the $185,000 requirement to receive $50,000 grant money. Fire chief indicated they need more detailing on the new fire truck so it will cost more. The new 2000 gallon fire tanker cost is 185,000. Funds will be shared as followed…50,000 grant from USDA, 10,000 from Sault Tribe donation, 70,000 from Fire Department, 30,000 Twp funds and the 75,000 balance from the Twp. fund balance with a fund balance amendment. The first bid needs to read as follows… Osco - $179,850 + $2,600 swivel options=182,450.00. The dog ordinance is not clear who made the motion, who supported it and that it was denied. New clerk position is lacking who made motion who supported and whether or not it was carried.

Bonnie Elliott made a motion to table the minutes from Junes meeting after clarifications to August meeting, Kelly Silkworth seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

Treasurers Report. No discrepancies on report. Bonnie Elliott made a motion to accept the treasurers report, Brian Landis seconded it, all in favor, motion carried.

Old Business

New contract from Keith Rochefort, there is a difference from rough estimate to new updated version. A difference of $4,525.55 for the new blacktop on Mintonye Rd. Bonnie Elliott thinks that County should pay the balance of $4,525.55; discussion on who owns and is supposed to maintain said road, Bonnie Stated that the township doesn’t own roads, Kelli asked Keith Rochefort why the county has been the ones doing the work for the Mintonye Rd if it wasn’t their responsibility and Keith stated that no-one else was fixing it so the County did. Bonnie Elliot says should table it until next meeting because the township doesn’t own roads. Kelli Silkworth stated that the Township owns from Thunder Lake Rd down the hill and up the hill to the first residence and then it becomes private drive and residence have to maintain that portion. Bonnie sated that private rods are not the responsibility of the township, Kelli Silkworth responded that it is not a private road until you get to the first residence. Keith Rochefort stated that the reason for the increase was that after the last meeting they advertised for bids for the asphalt companies and that was the lowest one they received. Mintonye Rd will have to mend the 45,432.63 to fix it, Bonnie said needs to be clarified that in previous minutes that nothing was said to ask for bids. Keith Rochefort says that the county maintains roads but that they do not own them so if there is prepare Rd and it is not the county will not help to keep that road unless the Township fixes it, they have spent too much money in the last couple years and refuse to do it any longer. Continue to plow and grade it and that’s it. 32, 783.00 is the actual bid which is 4525.55 more than the estimated bid. Kelly Silkworth makes a motion to approve the new bid, Cindy Watchorn thinks that we need to pay the money to fix the road, Bonnie feels that the road commission should pick up the 4525.55. Kelli Silkworth made a motion to accept new bid amount from the Bacco in the amount of 32,783.00 with the road commission bid at 17,175.18 and a combined bid of 49,958.18 Bonnie asks if the almost 50,000 bid will permanently fix the Mintonye Rd; Keith Rochefort said “yes”. Bonnie Elliot stated that in previous meetings she agreed to 20,000 for fixing the road, then 40,000 and now it’s even higher, Keith Rochefort stated they were estimates, not actual, he also stated that they had to give $6,000.00 for the engineer to look at the Mintonye Rd. Bonnie Elliot wants the road commission to know that they need to be clearer that they are estimates.

Cindy Watchorn made a motion to accept the bid for 49,958.18 to fix Mintonye Rd, Brian Landis seconded it, all in favor, motion carried.

Bonnie Elliott stated that they are going to have to put in amendments to the budgets for overage.


Kelli Silkworth received phone call from Loren Swayer, fire department needs a load of gravel where the old town hall is, the gravel from last year have settled. Kelli called DesJarden for an estimate but hadn’t heard anything. Whitman Excavating responded with an estimate for 15 yards of gravel to be $400.00 for the gravel and $125.00 for spreading. Money would come out of Fire department budget. Cindy Watchorn made a motion to accept the bid from Whitmans, Brian Landis Seconded it, all in favor, motion carried.


U.P Propane for township hall 2019-2020 1,916 gallons for 1.29/gallon. Prepay would be $2,488.88

Fire Department would be 1,208 gallons @ 1.29/gallon. Prepay would be $1569.19 would be taken from the FD account. Bonnie Elliott made a motion to pre-pay for township and Fire Department propane, Brian Landis seconded, all in favor, motion carried

Public Comment

Mr. Bill Anderson…there is a huge difference between an estimate and a bid, also between a verbal and written contract, wants to make sure there is a written contract in place for the Mintonye road

Payment of Outstanding Bills

11058.36 is the correct amount

Correction of $300.00 for a deposit for hall rented under Sara Roberts

Payment of outstanding bills in the amount of 9654.40

Deposits of 11058.36

Balance of 417.284.86

Cindy Watchorn made the motion to approve, Kelly Silkworth seconded it, all in favor, motion carried

Discussion on township hall, Bonnie says there is a smell coming from the bathroom. If smell continues Kelly Silkworth will call Paul’s Plumbing.

Motion from Cindy Watchorn to adjourn the meeting at 7:40pm, Brian Landis seconds it, all in Favor, Motion carried

Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township hall were:  Keith/Mary Rochefort, Don/Dorothy Rochefort, Bill Anderson, Lisa Slavinski.

Submitted by Robin Double, Inwood Township Clerk                      Approved on August 21st, 2019