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   Township Board Meeting Minutes

Inwood Township Meeting Minutes

For October 17, 2018 submitted on November 19, 2018

Pledge of allegiance was said

Meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Clerk Sara Roberts.

Board members present:  Cindy Watchorn, Bonnie Elliot, Sara Roberts, Bryan Landis, and Kelly Silkworth absent

Accepted previous meeting minutes as presented by Clerk. Motion C. Watchorn Support B. Elliott AIF M/C.

Accepted the financial report as presented by Treasurer. Motion B. Landis Support B. Elliot AIF M/C

Old Business

- Cemetery business continues to be TABLED.

- Dog/Noise Ordinance. Supervisor Kelly Silkworth had mailed a certified letter to dog owner Jordan Farmer about possible dog/noise ordinance coming into effect in the future and to hopefully get the situation taken care of without getting law enforcement involved. Jordan had explained why the dogs were barking – new environment, feeding time, etc. He apologized for the problems they have caused and feels like things have gotten better. He only has 3-4 dogs permanently staying at his home, but other times can have upwards of 20 dogs during hunting season. Lisa Slavinski and Joan Gossett both got to speak on their complaints of the noise. It was explained that if an ordinance were to be put in place that it could turn into fines or removal of the dogs. –TABLED

New Business

- Darrell Dixson spoke on behalf of the jail mileage. He explained issues with current building and the importance of possible new jail, county costs, and local employees. Schoolcraft recently paid Alger County jail $31,000 for five beds, while it costs $30 per day per inmate right now in our own jail. Explained that if the jail closes that the county would lose approximately $350,000.

- Move November meeting to Monday the 19th instead of November 21st. Motion B. Elliott Support B. Landis AIF M/C


FD – quiet

EMS – absent



Public Comment

- Friends and Family CPR Class. Will be held at the hall. Dates to be announced.

- Discussed issues if a noise ordinance would be put in place.

- Sandy Roder still talking with Marq6 – still in the works.

- Sara Roberts spoke on behalf of Schoolcraft County Transit Authority mileage renewal.

Payment of Outstanding Bills

Payments made in the amount of $5,516.23 and deposits in the amount of $2,889.09.

Motion C. Watchorn Support B. Landis AIF M/C

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:01pm was made by C. Watchorn support B. Landis AIF M/C

Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township hall were: Bill Anderson, Lisa/Ed Slavinski, Jordan Farmer, Pat Carley, Richard Sobieski, Sandy Brooks, Darrell Dixson, Sandy Roder, Bruce Spaulding, Pete Crotteau, Becky Knoph, Joan Gossett.

Submitted by:  Sara Roberts, Inwood Township Clerk                        Approved on November 19, 2018