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Township Board Meeting Minutes

Inwood Township Meeting Minutes

For July 18, 2018 submitted on August 15, 2018

Pledge of allegiance was said
Meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Kelly Silkworth Supervisor.
Board members present: Cindy Watchorn, Kelly Silkworth, Bryan Landis, Bonnie Elliot and Sara Roberts
Accepted previous meeting minutes as presented by Clerk. Motion S. Roberts Support C. Watchorn AIF M/C.
Accepted the financial report as presented by treasurer. Motion B. Landis Support S. Roberts AIF M/C

Old Business
-Cemetery – Still need to check with surveyor. No plots to be sold until it is figured out. A plot was sold to two different families. The person who purchased it first has the right to that spot.

New Business
-Tom White from the Schoolcraft County Conservation District spoke about the upcoming mileage proposal for August 7th’s election. They are asking for .22 mils. For more information Google Schoolcraft County Conservation District for their website.

-Central air at the hall has been installed and is in working order.

-New floor scrubber has been purchased and used. Works great!

-Maintenance on keg fridge. Adapters for taps were missing. Sent someone to the hall. $322.50 for CO2 cartridge. All renters need to purchase or rent their own CO2 cartridges. Motion to accept bill B. Elliott Support B. Landis AIF M/C

-Hall rent protocol. One week after requesting the hall, the deposit must be paid, and contract signed. They have up to two weeks prior to requested date of rental to cancel or the deposit will not be refunded. Motion C. Watchorn Support B. Landis AIF M/C

-Approval for playground equipment $3051.73 minus $172.74 in taxes. Motion S. Roberts Support C. Watchorn AIF M/C

-Government meet and greets allowed at the hall for no charge if there is nothing else going on. -Trial Run

Fire Chief – N/A EMS - nothing

Quilting Guild. 2-12 women looking to use the hall one day per month for quilting. They are responsible for their own cleanup, no charge. -Trial Run

Public Comment

Payment of Outstanding Bills
Payments made in the amount of $15,967.48 and deposits in the amount of $10,571.92
Motion S. Roberts Support C. Watchorn AIF M/C

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:47pm was made by C. Watchorn support B. Landis AIF M/C

Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township hall were: Bill Anderson, Pat Carley, Sandy Roder, Tom White, Pete Crotteau, and Cindy Swayer

     Submitted by Sara Roberts Inwood Township Clerk           
Approved on August 15, 2018