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Township Board Meeting Minutes

Inwood Township Meeting Minutes

For May 17,2017 submitted on June 21, 2017

- Pledge of allegiance was said

- Meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Kelly Silkworth Supervisor.

- Board members present:  Cindy Watchorn, Kelly Silkworth, Bryan Landis, Sara Roberts, and Bonnie Elliot

- Accepted previous meeting minutes as presented by clerk. Motion B. Landis Support C. Watchorn AIF M/C.

- Accepted the financial report as presented by treasurer. Motion S. Roberts Support B. Elliot AIF M/C


Old Business


New Business

- Visitor’s dugout has been damaged – hole in the roof. With insurance, township has a $500 deductible. Steve Pelletier quoted new roof and removal of old roof at $645. Police report has been filed. $145 to be paid by insurance and township to pay remaining $500. Motion C. Watchorn Support S. Roberts AIF M/C


- Twelve picnic tables have been ordered from Ace Hardware. $140 per table delivered. Bill will be received after all are delivered. Will be looking at ordering bike cables to keep tables locked under the pavilion.


- Kelly Silkworth asked permission to get funding for purchasing landscaping plants for new hall. Was given $200 limit. Motion S. Roberts Support C. Watchorn AIF M/C


- Asked Hoholik’s for a quote to keep water at the Fire Hall. Asphalt will need to be dug up to run new wiring. Will compare quote with pricing on just digging a new well.


- DesJarden’s is still salvaging old hall. Township needs to sign a contract before DesJarden’s can demo old hall. Electricity has been shut off.



- F.D. – Purchased new items with grant money they had received in March. Participated in two mutual aides with consisted of a brush fire in Thompson and a structure fire at Garden Corners.


- EMS – Meth Lab Awareness was held. Twenty-one personnel from four different fire departments were present. 



$204 balance left towards Inwood residents using Little Bear Arena next season.



Public Comment

- Discussion on the landscaping, street light, and new sign for the new hall. There was also mention in getting a second quote on the chloride, other places may be cheaper than previous quote.


Payment of Outstanding Bills

- Payments made in the amount of $23,531.85 and deposits in the amount of $24,448.35. Motion C. Watchorn Support S. Roberts AIF M/C


- Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:21 p.m. was made by C. Watchorn Support B. Landis AIF M/C


Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township hall were:  Keith Rochefort, Mary Rochefort, Don Rochefort, Dorothy Rochefort, John Weimert, Loren Swayer, Cindy Swayer, Sandy Brooks, and Terry Brooks.



Submitted by Sara Roberts, Inwood Township Clerk

Approved on June 21, 2017