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    Township Board Meeting Minutes

Inwood Township Meeting Minutes

For Feb 15, 2017 submitted on March 15, 2017

Pledge of allegiance was said

Meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Kelly Silkworth Supervisor.

Board members present:  Cindy Watchorn, Kelly Silkworth, Bryan Landis, Sara Roberts, and Bonnie Elliot

Accepted previous meeting minutes as presented by clerk. Motion B. Elliot Support C. Watchorn AIF M/C.

Accepted the financial report as presented by treasurer. Motion B. Landis Support B. Elliot AIF M/C


Old Business

- Profit and Loss report was presented showing over budget in Public Works. Motion S. Roberts Support C. Watchorn AIF M/C

- Budget for 2017/2018 was discussed. Minor changes to be approved during March meeting. New figures to be passed out prior to next meeting. Budget tabled until March.


New Business

- B. Elliot mentioned budgeting for new street light at the end of new hall driveway.

- Discussed fire truck budget. $33,000 allocated for F.D. $31,000 out of the $33,000 was used by F.D. last fiscal year. Discussed possibility for the next two years to allocate $50,000 for F.D. Talk of extending the fire hall and other and other expenses such as saving for a new tanker. The remaining balance not used by F.D. to be carried over into following year.

-  Loan for new hall was taken on an eight year, planning to pay off in five.

- Discussed possibility of another millage to help accommodate for F.D. expenses. Ambulance expenses comes out of F.D. budget.

-BOR members are to receive immediate raise in wages from $10/hour to $13 along with mileage and a meal. Approved unanimously by board members via phone.



-Discussed water supply for fire hall. Will be looked at during demolition of old hall this summer. Sewer repair and updates needed for fire hall were mentioned, and are budgeted for in upcoming year. New truck and pumper will be needed in the future.

-Garage door opener needed and ordered.

-TriCounty wants to do a mutual aid agreement. Motion K. Silkworth Support B. Landis AIF M/C


-EMS – Cindy Absent



-Substation proposed for US Hwy 2 in Cooks from Cloverland. Motion S. Roberts Support B. Landis AIF M/C


Public Comment

-Was held. K. Rochefort wanted copy of proposed budget


 Payment of Outstanding Bills

Payments made in the amount of $6,518.06 and deposits in the amount of $21,888.08. Motion B. Landis Support C. Watchorn AIF M/C


Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m. was made by C. Watchorn Supported by S. Roberts AIF M/C


Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township hall were:  Keith Rochefort, Mary Rochefort, Pat Carley, Jan Carley, Becky Knoph,  Loren Swayer, Pete Crotteau, Adrian Nedeau, and Walt Thompson.  


Submitted by

Sara Roberts

Inwood Township Clerk                      Approved on March 15, 2016

Approved by: