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    Township Board Meeting Minutes

Inwood Township Meeting Minutes

For Jan 18, 2017 submitted on Feb 15, 2017

Pledge of allegiance was said

Meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Kelly Silkworth Supervisor.

Board members present:  Cindy Watchorn, Kelly Silkworth, Bryan Landis, Sara Roberts, and Bonnie Elliot

Accepted previous meeting minutes as presented by clerk. Motion B. Landis Support C. Watchorn AIF M/C

Accepted the financial report as presented by treasurer. Motion S. Roberts Support B. Landis AIF M/C


Old Business

-Snow plowing was discussed.   
  Other bids were priced.
   DesJarden’s has started as of Jan 1st.



New Business

-BOR training will be held on Feb 8th in Harris. J. Annelin, S. Babington, and D. Crotteau to attend.

-Budget for upcoming year is being worked on, will be ready for March meeting. Asked for budget ideas from the public. (Public comment)

-New hall contract and prices were discussed and passed. Motion C. Watchorn Support B. Landis AIF M/C

-Wage increase for the Board was discussed. No raise since 2004. Surrounding townships were compared to Inwood, showing substantial difference. 20% increase in Board wages were passed. Motion B. Elliot Support C. Watchorn

            -Role call – All present AIF M/C

            -Wage increase to take affect March 1st, 2017

-Final payment to Cross for new hall has been made.

-Bacco to come in Spring for old hall. Will be getting bids for demolition for summer.

-EMS billing problems discussed.



-F.D. responded to a call on US2 on 1/17/17. 6 hours on seen. Local police department pleased with FD cooperation


-EMS – new supplies were given to EMS. Training with new supplies to be held on Sunday. Announced Pears with Kids on Jan 30th and 31st

-Power switch for ambulance to be ordered. Approved by Board




- FD wanted lease for oxygen to be renewed through Airgas

- Balance for open skate at Little Bear West arena will brought back to $200 Motion C. Watchorn Support B. Landis AIF M/C


Public Comment

-FD is asking the Township to budget for a new/used tanker in the upcoming year. Prices were discussed. If FD receives pending grant, they will be asking the Township for only 2.5% of tanker budget - TABLED



Payment of Outstanding Bills

Payments made in the amount of $96,006.85 and deposits in the amount of $86,191.48.  Motion S. Roberts Support B. Landis AIF M/C


Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:51 p.m. was made by B. Landis Supported by C. Watchorn AIF M/C


Others present for the regular meeting at the Inwood Township hall were:  Keith Rochefort, Mary Rochefort, Pat Carley, Jan Carley, Dorothy Rochefort, Don Rochefort Sandy Brooks, Terry Brooks, Becky Knoph, Cindy Swayer, Loren Swayer, Shirley Demars, Guy Swagart, Pete Crotteau, Ella Carley, and Sandy Roder.


    Submitted by

    Sara Roberts

    Inwood Township Clerk                      Approved on Feb 15, 2016