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Town Hall - News

Inwood Township Hall sign

Spring of 2018 Update ...
The town hall is now air conditioned! To schedule your cool summer event just contact our Township Clerk. The township board recently approved the continuation of the 2017 hall rental rates, with no increase, throughout 2018. Click here to see the hall rental rates.

Entryway   Coathooks
Main Entry Area

Refreshment Area   Kitchen
Refreshment Area                                      Kitchen        

South end of hall   Kitchen area
     South end of hall                              Note Acoustic 'Clouds'      

North end of hall   wall-print
      North end of hall                          Acoustic Wall Print

Cake "Old"   Cake "New"
Open House Cakes celebrating both the old and new halls!

Construction Timeline Photos:
Town hall site - 5/1/2016
Town Hall - 7/9/2016

August 3rd

August 14, 2016 Town Hall - September 2, 2016 Town Hall - September 13, 2016

Town Hall on October 21st

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