Road Conditions around the UP -  (Other MDOT Cameras)

Cooks:                                          M-94 South of Shingleton:
MDOT Camera: Cooks, MI (US-2)    MDOT Camera: M-94 South of Shingleton

AuTrain:                                                    Escanaba:
MDOT Camera: AuTrain, MI (US-41 & M-28)
  MDOT Camera: Escanaba, MI (US-41)
Rapid River:                                      US-2@M-77 Blaney Park:
 MDOT Camera: West of Rapid River, MI (US-2)    MDOT Camera at US-2 & M-77 intersection

Harvey:                                      Mackinac Bridge, St Ignace:
 MDOT Camera: Welcome Center N of Harvey, MI (M-28)    MBA Camera looking south from St. Ignace


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